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Total Album(s): 43
  • O.N.R.T Report 2020  
  • O.N.R.T Report 2020  
  • O.N.R.T Report 2020  
  • O.N.R.T Report 2020  
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O.N.R.T Report 2020
Event Date: 24-Jan-2020
Updated On: 24-Jan-2020
Total Photo(s): 4
Description: St. Karen’s Collegiate School participated in One Nation Reading Together : ONRT Reading Activity-2019-2020 on 24th January 2020. At 12 o’clock sharp, the students of Std.1 to 5 along with the...
Previous Album(s)
  • Republic Day 2020
    Event Date: 23-Jan-2020
    Updated On: 23-Jan-2020
    Total Photo(s): 9
    Description : On 23rd January, 2020, St. Karen’s Collegiate Scho...
  • Inter Branch Christmas Carol...
    Event Date: 13-Dec-2019
    Updated On: 13-Dec-2019
    Total Photo(s): 41
    Description : The beautiful festival of Christmas is on the hori...
  • Science Exhibition 2019
    Event Date: 11-Dec-2019
    Updated On: 11-Dec-2019
    Total Photo(s): 13
    Description : A science exhibition was held on 11th December 201...
  • Annual Function Day
    Event Date: 30-Nov-2019
    Updated On: 30-Nov-2019
    Total Photo(s): 35
    Description : Spectrum 2019 : We are the world Celebration, fel...
  • Children's Day Special...
    Event Date: 14-Nov-2019
    Updated On: 14-Nov-2019
    Total Photo(s): 12
  • Boys Inter House Kho-Kho...
    Event Date: 8-Nov-2019
    Updated On: 8-Nov-2019
    Total Photo(s): 8
    Description : Sports play a major role in shaping the personalit...
  • Inter-House Rangoli and Diya...
    Event Date: 24-Oct-2019
    Updated On: 24-Oct-2019
    Total Photo(s): 20
    Description : To develop aesthetic sense amongst children and to...
  • Girls Inter-House Kho-Kho...
    Event Date: 23-Oct-2019
    Updated On: 23-Oct-2019
    Total Photo(s): 14
    Description : St. Karen’s Collegiate School organised a girls In...
  • English Speech Competition
    Event Date: 22-Oct-2019
    Updated On: 22-Oct-2019
    Total Photo(s): 11
    Description : On 22nd October,19 an English Speech Competition w...
  • Gandhi Jayanti Special...
    Event Date: 27-Sep-2019
    Updated On: 27-Sep-2019
    Total Photo(s): 11
    Description : “Be the change you wish to see in this world” With...
  • Special Assembly on Teachers'...
    Event Date: 4-Sep-2019
    Updated On: 4-Sep-2019
    Total Photo(s): 13
    Description : ‘Teachers encourage Minds to think, Hands to crea...
  • Inter House Creative...
    Event Date: 30-Aug-2019
    Updated On: 30-Jul-2019
    Total Photo(s): 15
    Description : On 30th August 2019, St. Karen’s Collegiate School...
  • Independence Day - 2019
    Event Date: 15-Aug-2019
    Updated On: 15-Aug-2019
    Total Photo(s): 14
    Description : The 73th Independence Day of our nation was celebr...
  • Inter House Patriotic Group...
    Event Date: 14-Aug-2019
    Updated On: 14-Aug-2019
    Total Photo(s): 12
    Description : The patriotic fervour was at its zenith as the you...
  • Inter School Carrom and Chess...
    Event Date: 9-Aug-2019
    Updated On: 9-Aug-2019
    Total Photo(s): 8
    Description : A four day Inter School Carrom and Chess Competiti...
  • Special Assembly on Friendship...
    Event Date: 1-Aug-2019
    Updated On: 1-Aug-2019
    Total Photo(s): 6
    Description : Friendship Day special Assembly To celebrate frie...
  • Inter House Show & Tell...
    Event Date: 26-Jul-2019
    Updated On: 26-Jul-2019
    Total Photo(s): 21
    Description : St. Karen’s Collegiate School organized an Inter H...
  • Inter School Solo (IV & V) &...
    Event Date: 16-Jul-2019
    Updated On: 16-Jul-2019
    Total Photo(s): 17
    Description : We are proud to announce that in the Inter-School ...
  • Hindi Elocution Competition -...
    Event Date: 13-Jul-2019
    Updated On: 13-Jul-2019
    Total Photo(s): 14
    Description : The Hindi Elocution Competition of Std- VI was suc...
  • Yoga Day-2019
    Event Date: 21-Jun-2019
    Updated On: 21-Jun-2019
    Total Photo(s): 6
    Description : “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self...
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