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Co-curricular Activities

(i) All activities, athletics, cultural, social or of any other kind, which may be directly or indirectly identified with the School are subject to explicit and definite approval of the Director or Principal. Activities such as Games and sports, Social service, Language, Celebration of National Days, Children’s Day, School Day, Teacher’s Day, Drawing Competition, Essay Competitions, Debating, Computer Quiz competition, Elocution Contest, Science Talent Competition, and Song and Drama competition play an important role in the life of the children at St. Karen’s Collegiate School.

(ii) Craft is now an integral part of our school curriculum. The aim of this subject is to create an attitude of being helpful to others and to develop practical skills which will be of use to the children and to society later on in life.

(iii) Project Work : Project work and Assignments have become important tools for assessing the all round capabilities of a student. They provide students with a platform to use other skills and express their creativity in many ways. It is now a compulsory part of the assessment in this school.

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